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Welcome all students and teachers

Treat math as other school subjects, not as an unlearnable 'obscure' thing. Some kids get the idea that they can't learn math - who told them so?
LEARN AND ROCK” provides an insight into a world of new methodologies and techniques to enhance the teaching and learning of math and other abstract subjects.We present ‘10 Mantras’ and a plethora of fun filled worksheets, brain teasers, inspiring videos of MATH and SCIENCE for teachers and students till the age of 14, which will be digitally published quarterly. Let’s begin the joyful, playful and stress-free journey. - Sanchita Mitra, an educator


Structuring math to empower teachers who can Enlighten students by Enrolling them into fun-filled journey of understanding the subject, thus eliminating the fear of math phobia and Equating them into the normal stream of learners.


To prepare the teacher and the taught for 21st Century Learning Skills classroom where technology will rule and make every child adapt their own style of learning independently and teacher
a facilitator.