Mantra 1

A. Purpose of teaching and learning math
  • To know about the learning objectives of every topic
  • To understand the utility of the topics in our day to day life activities
  • To establish a relationship between math and other subjects
  • Clarity of basic and fundamental concepts
  • Understanding of the concepts and applying them in the correct context
  • To know about the career prospects with math as a compulsory subject

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B. Knowledge of child psychology

Every child is special. Each has the capability to learn anything unless or until he is a special needs child. It only depends on how the teacher understands each child's mental capability and deals accordingly.

Emerson says: " Education lies in understanding the child "

C. Symptoms of students with mathematical anxiety

  • The loss of interest in the subject
  • Feeling of monotony in teaching
  • Lack of motivation in teaching and encouragement to learn the subject, leading to distraction
  • Lack of practicality of the subject
  • Mental ability to grasp

There are many obstructions, hindrances and problems faced by teachers to understand the child and inculcate the liking of math in them and vice-versa. Now let us deal with every aspect of the child’s psychology, the essential requisites of a good teacher, defects in the present-day teaching of math and their possible remedies, arousing and maintaining interest in math and eliminating Math Phobia in every possible way.